MONTEGO BAY, St James —President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI), Winston Lawson, is calling on members of the Montego business community who are the owners of closed circuit cameras to share their feed with the JamaicaEye programme.

He noted that this is one way of assisting the security forces in the fight against crime.

JamaicaEye is part of an islandwide network of camera surveillance systems designed to increase the safety of all citizens. These cameras will monitor public spaces across the island and assist the authorities in responding to incidents in the event of an incident, disaster, act of criminality or accident.

“We appeal to our members…. to the business community as well…to play our part. Because the security forces cannot do it alone. For instance, there is the JamaicaEye programme, which allows us to partner and support in a significant way, the crime fighting efforts of our security forces,” Lawson emphasised.

“As we all may know, JamaicaEye is the camera surveillance system spread across the island, monitored by the GOJ, to assist the security forces and other authorities to respond to incidents of disaster, criminal acts or accidents. They ask of us that where we have a camera or cameras facing the public space, we can assist the programme by registering the camera or cameras with JamaicaEye to share the feed.”

He also called on business operators to partner with social programmes.

“Of course, there is so much more we can do to assist, via social programmes, social partnerships and just basic upholding and support of the right values and attitudes,” the MBCCI president said.

“And I say this because, agree or not, lots of the crime challenges are more just about persons who continue to value the wrong things in life, while placing very little value on the most important things in life.”

He was speaking at the launch of the Outsource2Jamaica Symposium & Expo 2019 cocktails in Montego Bay recently in Montego Bay.

The event will take place on April 11th and 12th at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Montego Bay.

The Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica (BPIAJ) launched a dynamic platform last year, aimed at consolidating a variety of live and digital events to showcase the local outsourcing industry. The inaugural Outsource2Jamaica Symposium & Expo 2018 received great reviews.

This year, efforts will be dedicated to the wider Global Services Sector (GSS) and growing up the value chain in outsourcing.

Lawson lauded the BPIAJ for the initiative.

“I want to recognise and applaud them (BPIAJ) for that specific effort and I want also to recognise and applaud them for the intended next phase of the platform, which is to grow the Business Process Outsourcing Sector up the value chain. It is the right move as it will facilitate some very important expansion of the industry, which is akin to further job opportunities,” Lawson said.

“We encourage organisations like the BPIAJ to keep building the industry and continue to showcase Montego Bay, indeed Jamaica, to the world of business outsourcing investors who are looking to the Caribbean.”